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Piston rings and cylinder liners, interacting with pistons and the cylinder bore, are essential components of an engine. Car and engine manufacturers all over the world rely on Federal-Mogulís technology and quality.

main functions of piston rings

Piston rings

As engine components, piston rings have three main functions. They must

  • provide a seal between the combustion space and crankcase
  • help to convey heat from the piston to the cylinder wall
  • control oil consumption.



Ninety percent of GOETZE piston rings are produced for engine service, including engines for model airplanes, lawnmowers, cars and commercial vehicles, and large-bore marine engines.

The remaining 10% of applications are in the industrial sector, such as for hydraulics and transmissions.

Markets and Customers

Federal-Mogulís GOETZE Piston Ring Group serves a large number of international customers and is considered as a leader in the market. Respected customers, especially in Europe and the U.S., view GOETZE not merely as a supplier but as a partner. With many production sites throughout the world, closeness to the markets is assured. Burscheid is Federal-Mogulís competence center for piston rings and cylinder liners.


piston rings and cylinder liners
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