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General Principles

       Contact pressure p in N/mm2
       Axial ring width h in mm
       Bending moment M in N/mm
       Diametral force Fd in N
       Closure stress σb in N/mm2
       Modulus of elasticity E in N/mm2
       Spring force   in N
       Conformability U in mm
       Gas pressure pz in N/mm2
       Piston ring parameter k   -
       Radius of curvature of the open ring (ring in free state) ρ1 in mm
       Radius of curvature of the closed ring (ring at nominal diameter) ρ2 in mm
       Inertia force   in N
       Total free gap m in mm
       Nominal diameter d in mm
       Ovality u in mm
       Radial wall thickness a in mm
       Radius at outside diameter r in mm
       Radius of ring centre line rm in mm
       Friction force   in N
       Closed gap s in mm
       Tangential force Ft in N
       Moment of inertia l in mm4
       Assembly stress: tangential opening σbüT in N/mm2
       Assembly stress: opening by means of a sleeve σbüH in N/mm2


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