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Piston Ring Handbook

       General Principles
             Piston Ring Functions and Operation
       Theoretical Relationships
             Contact Pressure
             Tangential Force
             Diametral Force
             Closure Stress
             Piston Ring Parameter
             Opening Stress
             Modulus of Elasticity
             Radial Pressure Distribution
       Piston Ring Types
             Compression Rings
             Scraper Rings
             Oil Control Rings
                   Single-Piece Oil Control Rings
                   Multi-Piece Oil Control Rings
                        • Two-Piece Oil Control Rings
                        • Three-Piece Oil Control Rings
       Ring Joints
       Joint Notches
       Operational Criteria and Malfunctions
             Engine Operation
                   Oil Consumption
                   Exhaust Emissions
                   Ring Sticking
                   Ring Flutter
                   Ring Breaking
       Piston Ring Materials
       Wear-Resistant Peripheral Coatings
             Chromium Plated Peripheries
             Thermal Spray Coatings
             PVD Coatings
             Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing
       Surface Treatments
             Tin and Copper Plating
             Black Oxiding
             CPS and CPG
       Ring Side Armouring
             Chromium Plating
       Piston Ring Manufacture
       Application Experience
             Examples of Typical Ring Packs
             Design Potential for Performance Optimization
             Wear Measurement in the Cylinder / Piston Ring System
             Material Specifications
                   Piston Rings and Piston Ring Elements
                        • Cast Iron Materials, Automotive and Large Bore Engine Applications
                        • Cast Iron Materials, Large Bore Engine Applications
                   Piston Rings and Piston Ring Elements - Steels
                   Testing Instructions
             Overview of the Current International Piston Ring Standards


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