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Piston Ring Handbook
Ring Joints

The most common type of ring joint is the butt joint.

Angle and overlapped joints are not used in passenger car and truck engines, and they have no advantages in terms of sealing. They are only used in compressors and hydraulic service.
Joints for improved sealing of the convex step and angle step type provide a better seal than the butt joint. Such joints are used chiefly in hydraulic applications. Tests conducted in internal combustion engines produced varying results.
The hook joint merely serves to facilitate assembly and has no additional sealing effect. It is used, for example, in automatic automotive transmissions for easier assembly of rectangular rings which seal against hydraulic pressure.
Butt Joint
Angle Joint
Overlapped joint
Convex Step Type Joint for Improved Sealing
Angle Step Type Joint for Improved Sealing
Hook Joint


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