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Oil Control Rings
Multi-Piece Oil Control Rings

Another characteristic of oil control rings that is at least as important as the contact pressure at the running face is their ability to conform to the bore distortions of an engine. Given the prevailing trend towards lightweight engines, higher levels of bore distortion must be expected. To assure oil economy in such engines, highly flexible rings (i.e. rings with a low moment of inertia across the wall thickness) with sufficient unit pressure are needed.

The usual way of combining these two requirements is to use multi-piece oil control rings. These have an additional, self-supporting spring which presses the optimized ring against the cylinder wall. The types of spring that are supported on the base of the piston groove are now scarcely ever used as with such springs the piston rings must also transmit the lateral forces of the piston.

Multi-piece rings are produced in two-piece and three-piece designs:


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