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Oil Control Rings
Single-Piece Oil Control Rings

Single-piece oil control rings - like for example compression rings - derive their tangential force from their inherent inner tension. There are the following types:

Slotted Oil Control Ring:
A slotted oil control ring with two outer lands, the sides of which are parallel to one another. As the width of the lands is smaller than the overall width a higher unit pressure can be obtained than with a rectangular ring.

Bevelled Edge Oil Control Ring:
To obtain still higher unit pressures than with a slotted oil control ring, this type of ring has the outer lands chamfered on the outer edge.

Double Bevelled Oil Control Ring:
On this type both lands are chamfered on the edge facing the combustion chamber. While the unit pressure is the same, oil consumption is reduced through the improved oil scraping effect.

In modern passenger car production engines single-piece rings are generally no longer used as they fail to meet today's performance requirements.


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