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Company Profile
Research and Development


Getting the right match between all aspects of the design and operational behavior of piston rings, pistons and cylinder bores calls for comprehensive Power Cylinder System competence. GOETZE has centralized this competence in Burscheid.

Piston rings in every design


For piston rings, GOETZE has a selection of high-quality cast iron and steel materials. The extensive material range covers non-alloyed, non-heat-treated special cast iron through to highly alloyed chromium steel. GOETZE constantly optimizes existing materials and initiates the development of new materials when required.


Production Processes

With the establishment of machine lines and machine sections, a high level of automation has been achieved. Many of the inspection and gaging operations are integrated into the process steps. Continual process optimization and strict pre-production quality planning are a sound basis for defect-free and smooth delivery of production parts.


GOETZE piston rings in diverse geometries are provided with various coatings or surface treatments.

GOEDEL coating process in cylinder liner manufacture

Their purpose is to prevent excessive wear of ring running faces, ring sides and cylinder bore surfaces and to avoid scuffing. Coatings include electrodeposited chromium coatings, molybdenum flame sprayed coatings, metallic and metal-ceramic plasma spray coatings and nitriding treatments.

Additionally, GOETZE offers innovative chromium-ceramic coatings CKS®, chromium-diamond coatings GDC®, high-speed flame sprayed coatings MKJet® and PVD coatings.

CKS coated piston ring
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