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Why are some words in the text underlined?
Underlined words mean that these words are explained in more detail and the terms appear more than once in the Piston Ring Handbook. Click on such a word with the left-hand mouse button and a small window will open with more references to the word, which can then also be displayed with a left-hand click.

I've entered a word that I'm looking for, but no result is displayed. Why?
Either you've entered fewer than 4 characters or the word you\'re looking for doesn't exist in the search function on the CD. Check the spelling again. The search is not sensitive to upper/lower case.

I want to compare some graphics so I want several windows open at once, but I can only ever view one at a time. Why?
By clicking in the main window (to open the second graphic) the main window overlays the window with the first graphic. Either use the combination Alt + Tab to change the window sequence or click the concealed window again in the start bar.

The display doesn't fit onto my screen. What can I do?
The CD is designed for a screen resolution of 1024*768. If part of the top main navigation bar is cut off, then either you have a lower screen resolution or you've masked in some other browser functions (e.g. Favorites or History). You should increase the resolution (if necessary, ask your IT support staff or the system administrator) and/or close other windows.

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